“is this for real? like real-real?”

the naked heiress was never meant for reality tv.  it’s back to the inter-webs :

she hopes it’ll go viral.  abby needs the image of her confession to circulate. the DA doesn’t believe her and her parents want to keep her quiet.  before the hack-director abby hired as the naked heiress director can upload the image, victor steals the tape, kidnaps abby and ships her off to rehab (not the same facility as nikki, this one is in conneticut).

but there are other ways abby’s confession may find suitable hosts.  catherine’s suspicious.  deaon was bar-tending at gloworm (where and) when abby’s image was captured.  and what happens when tucker remembers?


to catch up . . .

adam newman—after having conspired with diane jenkins to fake the death of his father and her (twice) ex-husband, victor newman, on the day victor took his company public—now owns a significant portion of newman enterprises.  with word of victor’s death the price of stock fell, allowing adam (and jack abbot, thanks to a tip from diane) to acquire enough stock to demand a seat on victor’s board of directors.  i may even appoint myself co-chair, adam says to victor (after showing victor a number representing stocks adam now owns of newman enterprises written on a small yellow paper).  just imagine that, father and son running newman enterprises together . . .

victor, already upset hearing that the SEC may not even investigate adam for stock price manipulation, decides to show adam what he thinks about adam having a seat on his board:

throwing a chair out the window of the ceos office may seem strange until we remember a scene y&r flashed back to a couple months ago:

for the context:

the future scenes of newman enterprises’ board meetings are gonna be good.  so far there’s victor, catherine chancellor, lauren fenmore, adam (unless victor can somehow get him thrown into prison).  and, who knows, maybe nick and victoria newman (especially now that phyllis was awarded custody of lucy), jack, tucker (provided he wakes from his coma) . . .

rebranding jabot

katherine is in a real bind w/r/t jabot.  with tucker is still in a coma (any bets on how long that will last?  will he be back before or after nikki’s current stint in rehab?), katherine must decide the future of jabot all by her lonesomes.   so, victor or jack?  victor plans on merging jabot with beauty of nature to create the most powerful cosmetics company in the entire world; jack wants keep jabot with the abbott family while also taking jabot “to the next level”.  what would this next level consist of?  supposedly, ashley’s chemical composition breakthrough (using some kind of cactus) is going to revolutionize the entire moisturizer/anti-aging-cream industry and jack is just the person to capitalize on the new product.  he’s already created a new logo (which looks nearly identical to the logo for young and the restless — a cursive “j” in red against a white background) and has connections to get ashley’s new line on the home shopping network.  so, the home shopping network is the next level.

that means, the home shopping network exists in both the regular world and the world of young and the restless.  but guess what they’re going to start selling on the home shopping network (both in the regular word and the world of y&r)?  the new jabot line.

i guess that means katherine is going to appoint jack ceo of jabot again.